About Us

Specialty Design + Build is a developer focusing on luxury homes, modern cottages, and re-developing multi-family properties.

We are always looking for properties to acquire in the Seattle/Eastside and San Francisco Bay Area, with a particular focus on urban infill projects.

We won’t be where we are without the strong positive long-term relationships we have with our consultants, lenders and subcontractors.

  • Acreage Land Survey
  • Avidbank
  • Bellevue Capital Group
  • B2 Structural Engineers
  • Certain Lending
  • Cleave Architecture
  • Concept Business Group
  • Conflux Architecture
  • Davido Consulting Group
  • Donna Breske & Associates
  • DN Homes
  • 1st Security Bank of Washington
  • Global Credit Union
  • Innovative Landscape Technologies
  • KO Architecture
  • Laurelhurst Property Management
  • Lucid Home Designs
  • Mulhern Kulp
  • Pacific Geo Engineering
  • Prestigious Builds
  • Root of Design
  • S3 Engineering, PLLC
  • Scale Design Group
  • SD Electrical Services
  • Shoffner Consulting
  • Site Surveying
  • Specialty Home Loans
  • Specialty Real Estate Group
  • Steep Slope Tree Consulting
  • Swenson Say Faget
  • Terrane
  • True Scape Design
  • workshop ipb
  • and more.